Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recipe: Mediterranean Pasta Palad

hopefully i'll have some time soon to fill in more detail (amounts, etc.), but thought i'd post at least this much...

i made a cold mediterranean pasta salad today, and it turned out pretty good. i'm sure i'll tweak it a bit, but all in all happy with it...

the ingredients (in no particular order):

israeli style couscous
baby garbanzo beans
red quinoa

curry powder
minced garlic and ginger
white pepper

halved cherry tomatoes
greek feta cheese
red basil (chiffonade)
roasted green bell pepper (chopped)


olive oil
white balsamic vinegar
rice vinegar
green onions (chopped)

1 comment:

Kimmy said...

Thats sounds awesome. Its like the supreme pizza of cold veggie salads...put a little of all the favorite pasta types in there and yum!