Monday, May 4, 2009

Article on Online Food and Restaruant Bloggers/Reviewers

an interesting article from the Washington Post about the rise of online "foodies" and their impact on the restaurant business... i particularly like this piece b/c it mentions one of my favorite local LA food bloggers, Pat Saperstein "EatingLA" as well as which i think is a great foodie resource.

Foodie Free-for-All
If you can chew, swallow and type, you're ready to join Washington's legions of online restaurant reviewers

By Candy Sagon
The Washington Post Magazine
Sunday, May 3, 2009

PassionFish has been open for only three months, but Joe Heflin has already been to the Reston eatery three times and posted lengthy reports about its offerings on local online review sites.

Tonight will be his fourth visit, and it's evident on this January evening that the restaurant staff is aware that he and his wife, Carol, are in the house. The hostess has reserved Heflin's favorite table, the one her computer records show he has requested before. She leads him to his favored perch on the second level of the restaurant, which features a view of the entire first floor.

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Maria said...

Wow! very well written artice & it definitely brings alot of "food for thought" (no pun intended lol)...i'll have to marinate on this one. For me,it's all about my love of the "f" word...FOOD!I'm not trying to make my blog anything than what it is...hopefully people enjoy my commentaries & pics :)

The Duchess