Friday, February 6, 2009

Korean "Hangover" Slider/Burger

A GoodEater Hangover 02/02/2009

from: Good Eater blog

- Posted by Kenji

We normally refrain from typical anecdotal blogging here at GoodEater, but this particular anecdote spawned a healthy, glowing new recipe. I spent a long and happy friday night at the People's Republik, a bar which I don't go to often enough, and compensate by staying way too long when I do. That Will, the unwitting genius behind Same As We Ever Was happens to bounce/barback/creep around there on friday nights certainly didn't help matters.

Needless to say, I gave saturday morning a miss and woke up ready to face the fridge a little after noon. Nevermind necessity - hangovers are the mother of invention. Just add one well-stocked fridge to the mix, and you've got the makings of an unparalleled explosion of fat, carbs, and chile-heat.

Like I said, I was hungover, so the photo below does not accurately demonstrate the full glory of this sandwich. So, I'll walk you through it, top to bottom.

You've got:

- top half of a Martin's Potato Roll*, dinner roll size, toasted in butter.
- a dollop of Dijon mustard
- homemade B&B pickle relish
- two slices of Gruyère cheese**
- one "Golden Fertile Eggs" brand cage-free egg, fried in duck fat***
- two slices Emmenthaler
- one beef patty, comprised of equal parts short rib, brisket, and flap meat, with beef fat added to a total content of 30%, fried Shack-style on a ripping hot pan until crisp.
- one leaf Bibb lettuce****
- two slices of homemade dill pickle*****
- a slathering of garlicky mayonnaise******
- a good handful of homemade kimchi*******
- as much sambal oelek as you can handle
- bottom half of a Martin's Potato Roll, dinner roll size, toasted in butter

After consuming, I was suddenly ready to take all the cross-sectional beauty shots a burger lover could have hoped for, but in an unfortunate Catch-22, there was no burger left to be photographed.

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