Thursday, September 17, 2009

Duck Eggs vs. Chicken Eggs...

found this posting from interesting.... i have been a huge fan of the filipino delicacy, itlog na maalat "salted duck eggs" or "red eggs" for some time, but never thought about using them as regular substitutes for chicken eggs. interesting.

Ingredient: The Battle of the Eggs

Ingredient: The Battle of the EggsPhoto: The Kitchn
Is there a discernable flavor difference between duck and chicken eggs? Harry Ludlow, the owner of Fairview Farm at Mecox in Long Island, raises both, and says no. According to, duck eggs are generally larger and fattier than chicken eggs, which is why bakers favor them for brownies and custards. Yolks aside, when raised on the same farm, pecking at the same grubs, duck and chicken eggs taste the same. But don't take Harry's word for it; visit for a package of your own, and here are some tips on how to prepare them. —By Allison Fishman, the owner of the Wooden Spoon Cooking School and host of Cook Yourself Thin

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