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10 Essential Steps to the Perfect Cheeseburger

Ran across this primer for making the perfect cheeseburger on the grill on a site called "Al Dente". and not a moment too soo, either, as we are quickly approaching Labor Day 2009. i think there are some good tips here. i'd ahere to some, ignore others, but all in all a good basic set of principles.

Note: One of the items on the list that i would most definitely "igorne" is the nonsense about "ignoring the common advice to not overwork the meat" i'm a big believe in a "loosely packed" patty making for a much more juicy and tender burger. frankly i'd take #2 off this list completely (or re-write it).

also, though a 6oz patty is a nice size, so long as your weights are uniform and therefore cook at the same rate, i'd not be such a stickler for a specific size to the burger, though i definitely think it should be more than 5oz and no more than 8oz .

The 10 Essential Steps to the Perfect Cheeseburger

Zachary-and-clark-hamburgerAfter years of grilling and experimenting, my friends Zachary and Clark finally figured out how to grill a perfect cheeseburger every time.

Take a look at their ten essential steps, then share your own tips and tricks with us!

The 10 Essential Steps to the Perfect Cheeseburger

1. Use 6 oz. of meat per patty, no more and no less. Don't guess; weigh it.

2. Shape it with your hands into patties. Ignore the common advice about not "overworking" the meat.

3. Liberally salt (use Kosher salt) and pepper both sides. Salt is the glory of red meat; don't stint.

4. Make a deep thumbprint in the middle of each patty (it evens out the burger when it cooks, don't ask why).

5. Refrigerate the patties until you're ready to grill. You can salt and pepper well ahead if you'd like.

6. Make a HOT charcoal fire.

7. Liberally oil both your grill and the meat before you start.

8. For medium-rare, grill the meat EXACTLY 3 minutes on one side (grill lid closed) and 2 minutes on the other.

9. Add the cheese, cover each patty with a burger cover, and cook for 1 minute more.

10. Remove the meat and quickly grill the buns (the only civilized way to eat hamburger buns).

--Tracy Schneider

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