Friday, March 27, 2009

New Jummies Correspondent... Samoa Bar Update!

I'm proud to announce the first contribution from a "Jummies" correspondent.... My wife gave my brother-in-law the Samoa recipe from my most recent posting, and he gave it a go this week... below please find pictures of the results along with his "suggestion" regarding how to make the process easier and less "messy".

the only downside is that my wife and i can only imagine what they taste like... but from the pics they sure look good.... we'll need to try our own batch soon.

From Richard:

Suggestion: If you every make them leave the shortbread in the pan, melt the chocolate and pour it in and tile the pan around to spread it. They throw on the coconut so it will stick and then drizzle the caramel. No dunking and stuff which is extra messy. When it all hardens, cut it in the pan and pop them out. It’s fairly soft. Thanks again for the recipe!

Thanks Richard!

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rebednar said...

Roo cool Herby! i have lots of stuff for you dude! Rock the food on.